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Discovery Depot is grateful for all the donated dollars that help us to continue to offer exciting new exhibits, hands-on learning programs and help us to fulfill our mission of "Inspiring Wonder and Excitement for Learning".

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Discovery Depot Strives

Discovery Depot has been a part of the Galesburg community for the past 26 years. We strive to fulfill our mission—inspiring wonder and excitement for learning—through diverse programs, partnerships within the community, and our exhibit offerings. We seek to promote literacy, science, mathematics, fine arts, and cultural education by engaging families through hands-on learning.

Discovery Depot is the top tourist destination in Knox County. Twenty-two percent of our visitors come from 50 or more miles away! This not only benefits the museum but also our local economy.


Discovery Depot Grows

Planting seeds for the future, Discovery Depot continues to improve, update and bring in new exhibits and programs.


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